Meet the Owners

Matthew Steele Salon Spa and Steele Barber is the evolution of a professional salon & spa company started almost 30 years ago in Seattle called Strands Salon.  Its history in creating exceptional customer experiences in a sophisticated yet unpretentious atmosphere have earned them a loyal following with its customers and staff. Pioneering the exclusive use and sale of AVEDA products in Seattle also put this urban scape in the map. As a neighborhood favorite in the Roosevelt/Ravenna neighborhood and its easy access off I5 (4.8 mi from downtown Seattle core) it continues to draw discerning customers seeking an alternative to the usual salon and spa experience.  Steeped in AVEDA history with its staff and new owner, Matthew Steele Salon Spa continues to deliver the authentic AVEDA experience for its guests, every service every time.

Victoria and Matt Humphrey


Matthew Steele Salon Spa®


6417 Roosevelt Way, Suite 204

Seattle, WA 98115



A 24 hour notice is required for all cancellations or to reschedule an appointment.



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