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Hair services

Natural, gorgeous hair that enhances your face shape, skin tone, hair texture and lifestyle is our specialty. Meet our experts and create a style custom made for you.

Aveda 97% natural hair color. Experience pure plant power.


What is a toner?
A toner is a secondary color applied to the hair after the lightening or highlighting process is complete. Toners are used for consistency from root to tip. The toner is the application of the color you want to see– like honey, beige blonde, or platinum. Toners are generally a liquid color applied on wet hair at the shampoo bowl. Toners can also be used to manage specific hair color tones – like violet to cut brassiness in blondes or a red toner applied a few weeks after base color service to keep the look vibrant and intense.

What trends will look good on me this season?
Aveda releases seasonal collections designed to have something for everyone. It could be a simple lip color change or a different tone or placement of your hair color. It is easy to add a new twist to your style each season. Ask Matthew Steele professionals to show you how.

How can I protect my hair color from fading?
Minimize fading from the sun by applying a UV protectant (Color Conserve Daily Color Protect, Sun Care Spray or Damage Control.) Hats and scarfs are good ideas too. The combination of salt and heat from our body perspiration can fade color – especially if you are in the salt water or pool then the sun.

Shampoo less frequently and use a color safe (Color Conserve) shampoo + conditioner and avoiding hot water is an easy way to protect your hair color investment. Additionally, the use of a weekly deep conditioning masque will help restore and balance the cuticle, locking in the color you have and creating new bonds or “anchoring sites” for future color to latch on to.

A toning gloss at three weeks after a color service is a great way to boost the color you have, and add maximum vibrancy and tone with minimum time spent at the salon.

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